Go Wild At A Masked Ball @ Kensington Palace This Friday

Franco Milazzo
By Franco Milazzo Last edited 87 months ago
Go Wild At A Masked Ball @ Kensington Palace This Friday

Tomorrow night, Kensington Palace holds The Wild Boy's Ball, an evening dedicated to the original Wild Boy who spent some of his life there as George I's "human pet".

Originally from Germany, "Peter" amused the monarch and bemused the staff with his unconventional hair, bedroom antics and his strange choice of clothing. These days, the palace is used on an unofficial basis by Prince Harry.

The ball returns after a successful outing last year which is just as well: as Duran Duran said, wild boys never lose it. Attendees are strongly encouraged to wear masks and the fleet of foot can take to a dancefloor overseen by Lady Winnie of The Last Tuesday Society, the Mare Street organisation famed for their own masked balls.

While the masks will disadvantage those lesser souls who rely on good looks alone to seduce, the Past Pleasures crew will be on hand to help you get down and dirty with tips on foxtrotting and flirting.

Those (like us) who possess two left feet can enjoy the Victorian freakshow which is The Gaiety Engine, swap salacious information with the Official Palace Gossips (if you hear anything good, do let us know) or make white paper roses and paper lanterns (all the better to woo with and to see who you are wooing).

Tickets are £15 each. More information and tickets can be garnered here.

Last Updated 18 August 2011