DeLoot London: Helping The Victims Of Looting

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 90 months ago
DeLoot London: Helping The Victims Of Looting

A new website aims to help businsses hit by last week's violence get back up and running by encouraging people to spend money in their local shops.

DeLoot London's map plots looted businesses across the capital, and for each, offers a quick synopsis of its history, a few details about what damage was done, information on if / when the shop has re-opened, and a few ideas on how to help out. Most small independent shops work on tight margins and you can best help them by making a visit, wallet in hand, and half a mind to buy.

Along with last week's clean-up, it's another example of social media being used as a force for good, and a small argument against the police and government's idle talk of banning Twitter / Facebook / BBM the next time a conflagration erupts.

Last Updated 17 August 2011