Breaking News: Rioting Reported In Enfield

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Breaking News: Rioting Reported In Enfield

A second night of violence appears to be underway in north London. Sky News are reporting smashed windows and vandalised police cars. Unconfirmed reports on Twitter suggest gangs of youths are heading towards Enfield High Street. The Enfield Independent carries a picture of riot police marching down a residential street.

The trouble follows a night of serious unrest in Tottenham, which has so far resulted in 55 arrests.

00:40: Away from Enfield, there are reports of trouble in other parts of the capital. The Guardian is running a page of 'live' updates on the disturbances around London, reporting looting and arson in Brixton and some (possibly minor) trouble in Walthamstow.

22.02: It feels like there's been some kind of negotiation between broadcast media and the police. No coverage at all on BBC, and Sky have only recently started showing pictures from Enfield.

21.58: Enfield town centre appears to have calmed down thanks to a huge influx of riot police, including mounted police. Reports suggest that looting has moved to other locations,

20.55: Around 200 teens have ransacked a jewellery store, reports @PaulLewis. A police baton charge disperses the crims. Here's a pic of the scene now.

20.25: According to reporter @PaulLewis, Enfield "is currently tense but calm; dozens of riot police, hundreds of teenagers and curious onlookers, roads closed."

20.07: A verified photo on Sky News shows a damaged police car on Enfield High Street with a concrete slab laying on the bonnet. Unconfirmed photos show looting of HMV.

This post will be updated as more information comes in.

Last Updated 07 August 2011