Tube Challenge Record Broken

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 155 months ago

Last Updated 04 July 2011

Tube Challenge Record Broken

Guinness World Records have confirmed Mancunian Marc Gawley as the latest holder of the Tube Challenge record - the bid to visit all 270 tube stations in the fastest time.

Gawley clocked in at 16 hours, 29 minutes and 57 seconds - 15 minutes faster than previous holders Andi James, Steve Wilson and Martin Hazel in 2009 - on 21st April, cunningly choosing a day when the tube was running normally but a lot of Londoners had already cleared off for Easter.

His website shows just how much effort goes into planning this feat - detailed studies of timetables, distances between stations, getting in the right carriage for interchange - this is a work that all Londonist readers can appreciate. The day was captured on video and you can see bits of it in this here press conference clip:

Now, Londoners: can we do better?

This post originally said Martin East was a joint holder of the record. We were foxed by the caption on the video and would like to make it clear that Martin visited 207 of the stations, helped with the planning and is definitely not from Manchester!