Theatre Review: Holiday @ Camden People's Theatre

Franco Milazzo
By Franco Milazzo Last edited 90 months ago
Theatre Review: Holiday @ Camden People's Theatre

Resort Name: Holiday

Company: The Honourable Society of Faster Craftswomen

Locations: The moon, Singapore, Mexico and Leeds.

Your hostesses: Laura's nude pregnant body and, in her suitcase, Laura's mind.

Duration of stay: About 1 hour.

Entertainment: A frenetic game of beach volleyball and the opportunity to strip naked (completely or just from the ankles down).

Bars: None, but the audience can "win" cocktails.

Music: Manu Chao, the Four Tops and Clinic.

Children: Apart from the one in Laura's belly, a minimum age of 12 is recommended.

Property condition: Good overall but the fourth wall is broken in several places.

Price: £10/£8 concessions.

Rating: ****


This is a wonderfully funny and thought-provoking physical self-portrait which dashes around time and space like an excitable Italian on their first Vespa.

Although nudism is shrivelling up in places, the star of this one-woman show, seven-and-a-half months pregnant Laura Eades, is not afraid to bare all from the off. Lenny Bruce pointed out half a century ago how easy it is to become inured to something socially unacceptable when you are confronted with it continuously. In the case of Holiday, we become accustomed to Laura's state of clotheslessness remarkably quickly. Neither her pregnancy nor her nudity are gratuitous; they tie in neatly with the very human story at the heart of this production, a story which is treated with respect and eloquence but never taken too seriously.

If you're feeling brave, we advise sitting in the front row where you'll have a chance to help out with the cocktail making and experience some "space sand". This has set the bar pretty high for the upcoming Camden Fringe.


Not what I expected but very good fun!

(Audience member)

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