Preview: Camden Fringe 2011 - Theatre And Other Shows

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Preview: Camden Fringe 2011 - Theatre And Other Shows

We sifted through a bajillion comedy listings and now it's the turn of the other stuff: theatre, opera, variety and other experiences. As usual, we've gone for stuff we know something about, stuff with London links and stuff that just sounds too intriguing to pass by.

Bright Club is "where funny meets brains" and we love it. Although they can pack out the Bloomsbury Theatre in term time, for the Camden editions they're settling in the Bloomsbury Theatre Studios and welcoming people from across Camden to their variety bill on 5, 12 and 26 August, 7.30pm (just five pounds!)

There's a traditional slick production of The Beggar's Opera on at the Open Air Theatre right now. An updated Beggar's Opera is slated for Camden, with a new script, new musical arrangements and plenty of bare flesh. There's a high risk factor here but it might be worth it: Upstairs at the Gatehouse on 6-7 August at 7.30pm.

Broke Wide Open is described as a 'verbal opera'. This one man show by New Yorker, Rock Wilk, is about the search for identity, 'a musical and poetic avalanche' mostly created whilst riding the subway back home. Wonder if the Tube will have a similarly creative effect? Have a look at him perform. Now imagine him in the, um, bijoux Sheephaven Bay. It'll be in your face. 9-14 August at 5pm.

'Imagine a Nazi occupied London'. In a Pirate Castle. Noel Coward's play Peace in our Time - focuses on a group of people in a Chelsea pub and will be performed on 9-14 August at 7.30pm.

Physical theatre based on a north London estate, performed in a Camden car park: Familiar Change is a new piece, by a new company and a young cast. Appearing in Lomax Carpark, 11 August at 3.30pm, 12 August at 1.30 & 3.30pm.

Inspired by Carl Sagan, Robin Ince and Helen Keen - the latter is performing another sciencey comedy show at the start of the Fringe - Helen and the space rocket explores the parallels between Peckham dwelling Helen and the Voyager space probe at Etcetera, 13-15 August, 7.30pm.

Ooh, we love a bit of Sherlock. Be in the audience for a live audio recording of Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back at Etcetera for one night only, 16 August at 7.30pm.

Sheridan's first play, The Rivals is transposed from the 18th century to the roaring Twenties. Giggle at the original Mrs Malaprop and the comic tale of Brits abroad on the French Riviera. Upstairs at the Gatehouse, 16-21 August at 7.30pm.

Ever wanted to jump in the Thames? That's the Taniwha, a sea monster, shape shifter; what keeps you in London. Stella Duffy directs this devised, collaborative piece, a work in progress, Taniwha Thames at Pirate Castle, 19-21 August at 7.30pm.

Useless politicians will be thrown away by satirical shadow puppet people, Pangolin's Teatime performing The Great Puppet Horn at Etcetera, 22-24 August at 7.30pm

Getting local and topical, Swifter, Higher, Stronger promises 'a fresh take on the London Olympic story' through 1908 and 1948 to 2012 through the eyes of women involved in the Games. The timeless female changing room door opens at Camden People's Theatre, 22-27 August, 7.30pm

Space is big this year (er, isn't it always? Ed) The Observatory is a new piece exploring space in all senses. Watch it develop. At Pirate Castle, 26-28 August, 8.30pm.

The Accomplice is a 'tragicomedy' two-hander about prostitution and being a graduate in contemporary London. Ticks our topical and potentially gritty box. Etcetera, 27-28 August, 3pm.

There's so much more going on. Have a look at the Camden Fringe website or pick up their pigeony brochure from any of the venues. Camden Fringe runs 1-28 August 2011, tickets from £5.

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