Preview: Camden Fringe 2011 - Comedy

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Preview: Camden Fringe 2011 - Comedy

The pigeon's gone mod, the venues now cover the length of the borough, but what's worth seeing at this year's Camden Fringe? Here's our pick of the comedy. First, the people we've seen before, then some we haven't and some utter wildcard picks. Them's the fun of the fringe!

The known:

Matt Kirshen was a last minute shoo-in to Sheephaven Bay last year. This year, he's actually planned to appear with Wide Eyed at Camden Head, 1-2 August, 9.30pm.

Helen Keen's got a new show: Robot Woman of The Future! We saw her do Rocket Science! at the Fringe last year and we've co-hosted a Spacetacular with her, so we're biased, a bit. But if you like your comedy edifying and geeky, this is the show for you, at Etcetera 1-2 August, 9pm.

Can you handle Scott Capurro? For one night only he explores personal grief in a show called Who Are The Jocks? Camden Head, 1 August, 8pm.

Simon Kane is a funny man - writer for Mitchell and Webb and co-writer on Shunt's Money - and he's doing a huge run at Camden People's Theatre. We are looking forward to Jonah Non Grata running from 2-17 August, 9pm.

Adrian Poynton is one of the nicest people alive. And funny. Go see his show Life, death and birthdays at Camden Head, 11-13 August, 8pm.

We really liked Iszi Lawrence at Sheephaven Bay last year and she's back with Wotnot in the slightly bigger but no better air conditioned Camden Head from 4th-7th August, 8pm.

Strawberry and Cream are very funny musicians, who do Bright Club. We've no idea how they're going to get a double bass up the stairs but see them do an Hour of Luxury at Camden Head, 14 August, 8pm.

The not-known:

James W Smith is doing one night only of Living in Syntax, a comedy show about language at Camden Head 1 August, 6.30pm

Richard Tyrone Jones Has A Big Heart but this show's debut was delayed by failure of his own... Catch him while you can at Camden Head, 2-7 August, 6.30pm.

If you're picking shows blind, is it best to go for short ones? Marc Burrows: The 90s in Half an Hour is just 30 mins of stand up, story telling and playground jokes at Camden Head 3-5 August, 5.30pm.

Leads & Stern are a sketch comedy duo from NW London, described as 'Laurel and Hardy meets Jaws'. Try them at Camden Head, 3 August, 8pm.

Rafiq Richard, Walk Like a Blackman is a'semi autobiographical one man show about mixed race identity' that will involve Eastenders and confusion at Etcetera 5-7 August, 6pm.

Anything could happen when the ImProDigies appear with Hardcore Imprography. It's really up to you. Putting on a show during a Monday and Tuesday lunchtime is also brave. Direct them with your fantasies at Roundhouse Studio, 8-9 August, 1.30pm.

James Mullinger promises an hour of killer stand-up. We guess this is vague because he hadn't worked out his show by programme deadline time. He's meant to be good but we've never seen him. We will this time at Roundhouse Studio Theatre, 8-9 August, 9pm.

Brokeback Britain offers topical sketches about coalition Britain. But will it be a Bucket of Fun? Find out at Etcetera, 9-10 August, 9pm.

A show for telly geeks: Square Eyed - sketch comedy about a new TV channel at Etcetera, 12-14 August, 4.30pm.

Torotonian, Mike Sheer tries out 'Undergod' on a British audience, tapping into our appetite for comedy about religious insensitivity and hypocrisy at Camden Head on 18 and 19 August, 8pm.

Gearing up for a national tour, Hal Cruttenden does an hour of stand up at Camden Head, 18-21 August, 9.30pm.

Pekka and Strangebone's Comedy Showpiece offers an intriguing mix of 'comedy and theatrical desperation' at Etcetera, 19-21 August, 9pm

Guardian Reader: is this show about you? At Camden Head, 26-28 August, 6.30pm

Adams & Rea: Greatest Hits - see for yourselves if they can cut it as a 'female flight of the conchords' at Camden Head, 28 August, 8pm.

Watch out for our picks of theatre and cabaret to see at the fringe later in the week.

There's plenty more in the programme - dip in and tell us what you think. We'll be tweeting from the shows we see to let you know what's what, plus a weekly compilation of micro-reviews of everything we've seen.

Camden Fringe runs throughout 1-28 August in 20+ venues from Highgate to Bloomsbury, with comedy, cabaret, dance, theatre, variety and opera shows. Tickets from £5.

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