In Pictures: Northumberland House Restoration

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In Pictures: Northumberland House Restoration

Following a multi-million pound investment, Grade II listed Northumberland House near Trafalgar Square has been completely restored and reopened to the public. The Italian inspired building dates back to 1887 when it was first opened as the 500 guest room Grand Hotel. Home to the Ministry of Defence during World War II and then (after years left empty) student accommodations for LSE, the building now hosts two luxury hotels, two restaurants and a private members club for business folk.

Upon particial completion in spring 2010, Londonist visited the newly opened Boyd's Brasserie which with its “elegant marble walls, chandeliers, plush seating and expansive centre stage bar” we reckoned would be “one to consider” when needing to “wow” dining companions. We had a fairly similar positive experience checking out the other on-premise restaurant, Watatsumi, when it opened in December. This latest go round, Londonist checked out the two hotels, The Grand at Trafalgar Square and Club Quarters. Nice digs.

A comfortable sleep was had in our room at The Grand (once the sounds of late night shennanigans round Trafalgar Square died down) and the members services of Club Quarters impresed (especially with its balconied view over the buildings marbled lobby. Centrally located at 8 Northumberland Avenue, WC2N 5BY, Northumberland House is certainly worth taking a peek inside whether just for a quick drink, meal or extended stay.

Disclaimer: Londonist visited Northumberland House upon invitation of The Grand at Trafalgar Square and Club Quarters.

Last Updated 19 July 2011