Cost Of Public Order Policing Revealed

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 92 months ago
Cost Of Public Order Policing Revealed

The cost of the Met's public order policing for last year was revealed today, with the highest amount being £7.5m on the student fees protests. This sounds like a lot, but we can think of at least five demos, and of course the police were heavily criticised after the first march for not having a big enough presence and letting Millbank get trashed.

But what else did the Met spend their money on? The Notting Hill Carnival cost £6.3m to keep safe, embassy patrols - particularly of those countries affected by the Arab Spring - took up £6.5m (about time they started paying their bloody congestion charge), the Pope's visit cost £1.9m and Tony Blair's appearances at the Chilcot Inquiry cost nearly half a million quid. Half a million quid! Honestly, where's Johnny Marbles when you actually need him?

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Last Updated 25 July 2011