Urban Game Preview: Fire Hazard's Citydash

Franco Milazzo
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Urban Game Preview: Fire Hazard's Citydash

If you're not knee-deep in a Somerset mudpool this Saturday, you may want to consider CityDash, Fire Hazard's latest urban game. Fire Hazard specialise in using the built environment  to create games which test the body and the mind. Similar to "Suspected", a game they held at Easter on the Southbank, this one has been relocated to the Square Mile.

Citydash is a fast game of speed, stealth, and strategy: reach as many of the checkpoints as you can, as quickly as you can, without being seen by patrolling guards. Replan on the fly as secret checkpoints open, and watch the live scoreboard for updates as your competition closes in behind you.

We're playing in the heart of London, so you'll be dodging around the Gherkin, sneaking through the obscure cemetery near Moorgate, and ducking down alleys you didn't know existed.

For those worried about fitness levels, Fire Hazard's Gwyn Morfey has some words of reassurance. "The live scoreboard identifies the people in front of and behind you no matter what your rank, so you could have an intense battle for rank #31 against a couple of walkers, rather than fighting to get #1. Stealth is a big part of it, too, since you lose a lot of points for being seen. But if you want to get #1, you're going to need to run for at least some of it."

Tickets are £8 per person and there's only fifty so get your running shoes on and skedaddle over here for more info and tickets.

Pictures are from Fire Hazard's Suspected and are (c) Yao Song Ng.


Last Christmas, Fire Hazard persuaded us to break into a warehouse. We had much fun.

Last Updated 22 June 2011