Game Preview: Fire Hazard's Suspected @ Southbank

Franco Milazzo
By Franco Milazzo Last edited 91 months ago
Game Preview: Fire Hazard's Suspected @ Southbank

When we heard real-life game creators Fire Hazard were commissioned by Sci-Fi London to create a new game, we wanted to know more. Fire Hazard specialise in using a variety of London locations (from London Bridge to Hampstead Heath) to run sophisticated games which test your mind as well as your body.

Last Christmas, we had a huge amount of fun on their last sneak-em-up game where we ran around in the snow with maps and walkie-talkies trying to break into a locked warehouse (actually a real disused police station in Hackney) without being caught by patrolling guards or setting off alarms.

This time around, Fire Hazard are on Southbank for a one-off game on Easter Sunday morning:

Guided by the Citizen Education Officer's voice in your ear (and perhaps the odd message from the resistance), you'll evade agents, crack codes, pass on secret messages, spot clues and demonstrate superhuman powers of reasoning to win the challenge and become one of the Recognised.

So, what is it to be? Instead of spending the day with the sofa, supermarket chocs and/or Call Of Duty, why don't you switch off your TV and go do something less boring instead?

If you're interested, TODAY is the last day to buy tickets (£5 from here).

Last Updated 18 April 2011