Stormtroopers Take Over Old Street

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Stormtroopers Take Over Old Street

Silicon Roundabout has been captured by Imperial forces. At around 7am this morning, a unit of Stormtroopers took up guard around the exits to the Old Street roundabout. Meanwhile, the Imperial March rang throughout the area.

It's the latest stunt by Greenpeace. Climbers managed to scale the advertising structure above the roundabout and unfurl banners. Their target this time is Volkswagen, whom campaigners accuse of opposing European climate laws.

"But all is not lost," says an information leaflet. "We feel the good in Volkswagen. They have the engineers and the experience to make some of the most efficient vehicles on Earth - we've seen them. That's why all of us in the Rebellion are calling on Volkswagen to turn away from the Dark Side and give our planet a chance."

The banner, unfurled on Old Street roundabout.
The banner, unfurled on Old Street roundabout.
Please, no photos.
Please, no photos.
The farce is strong in this one.
The farce is strong in this one.

You can read more about the allegations (from Greenpeace's perspective) here. In the meantime, the protest continues (9am) with very little police presence two hours after it started.

The stunt follows on from the campaign group's Piccadilly shenanigans from a couple of weeks ago, when attention fell upon Mattel.

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great campaign, i was there in old street, it really gets your attention.


Just an excuse for these fools to dress up.  Either they need to get a real job to actually do something about climate change and stop just talking about it, or attack the real offenders.  Idiots.


What a load of old dog sh1t.

Actually made me think about buying a VW as I cycled past


cliffharris I love your defensive behaviour towards your actions... Your point of view is like a penis/religion... keep it to yourself and don't ram it down any throats!

The campaign was lost in a sea of positive reflection on the excellent advert by VW and you wanted to make them villains, how did that fail for you? I often wonder if you ever stop to think that your "protests" are just becoming a little boring and your point being lost? Perhaps try something else like working with them rather than against them! I dislike Greenpeace on the grounds that your just bullies with no real goal or objective, you just don't want people to do anything that you deem to be endangering the environment, rather than focus on alternatives that could help!


bet they didn't cycle in their outfits! oh and how biodegradable are those exactly? jokers.

Vigilant Satyr

I hope Lucas and an army of Imperial Lawyers take Greenpeace to the cleaners for using his characters without permission for their pathetic PR stunt.

David Powell

Darth Vader next to Volkswagen makes me want to buy one ;)


Corporate trash.