Olympic Ticket Saga Continues: Many Disappointed

By BethPH Last edited 89 months ago
Olympic Ticket Saga Continues: Many Disappointed

We wouldn’t normally start a post this early in the morning with a maths lesson, but here’s a sum for you to ponder over your coffee. If there are 6.6m tickets for the Olympics available and 1.8m people apply for them, what percentage of applicants will be unsuccessful? The answer is around 55%.

Demand for the cheaper tickets meant that some events were massively oversubscribed, leading to disappointment for many, including London’s very own mayor. But as some, including MayorWatch, point out, Boris Johnson has access to the Olympics anyway so his very public fuss about losing out is a tad disingenuous.

Predictably, there have been complaints about the allocation process, particularly where people (including the government) have thrown caution to the winds and applied for multiple tickets. The balloting and curiously secretive method that LOCOG used to inform successful applicants weren’t ideal, but with a finite number of tickets their options were somewhat limited.

The second draw will open at the end of June, but with all the cheaper tickets snapped up already, applicants could find themselves with a bigger credit card bill than they had bargained for. However, if you’ve got a spare £27,000, you can see the men’s 100m final by buying a corporate hospitality package. We’re just off to check down the back of the sofa.

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Last Updated 07 June 2011