More Strikes Planned For Tube And Heathrow Express

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 83 months ago
More Strikes Planned For Tube And Heathrow Express

Let's hope the weather improves soon - there are more rail and tube strikes on the way.

The tube strikes are an odd one, so bear with us. RMT drivers are striking in support of Arwyn Thomas, who was sacked last December for - according to LU - "unacceptable and abusive behaviour towards colleagues", or - according to the RMT - union activities. Tom Edwards at the BBC has looked into the case and notes that an interim tribunal, back in January, thought it likely that Thomas will be successful at his full hearing in a few weeks.

TfL disputes that there have been any findings, interim or otherwise, won't discuss the case until the full tribunal and have gone to appeal to get the strikes called off. It's a fair point to ask why the RMT are striking even though there's a good chance Thomas will get his job back, and it's all about strike law - their 56-day strike mandate will run out before the tribunal. (Maybe they should have waited before running the ballot.)

Anyway. What you really want to know about is the dates, right? They're odd too.

  • 2101 19th June - 0300 20th June
  • 2101 27th June - 1159 28th June
  • 1200 29th June - 1159 30th June
  • 1200 - 2100 1st July

Strikes over pay are also planned on the Heathrow Express. RMT staff plan to walk out for 24 hours from 0915 on 26th June, and work to rule on 25th and 27th June.

Photo by C. G. P. Grey from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 16 June 2011


Oh super. I moved down to London less than 2 months ago and it's all been strikes and weekend closures. Is it always like this or have I been unlucky with the Olympics and the unions striking before decisions are made?

Pissed off commuter

Thanks again Crow, ruining our economy for no reason. He doesn't give a damn about the rest of us does he? A tribunal on a potentially dangerous driver is pending, why on earth should LUL throw procedure (and hence passenger safety) out the window because Crow wants to get his mug in the papers again. Is he actually trying to become the most hated man in the city? Or is he just utterly incompetant. I've yet to hear a good cause for any of his strikes. We need to do something to stop their stranglehold over us Londoners.

Paula Griffin

Did anything actually happen as far as the strike was concerned? For once I have some sympathy for the chap concerned who does seem to have been given the push for his union activities rather than any work-related misdemeanour but considering LUL are waiting for the process of law to run its course, the RMT once again want to alienate themselves from the travelling public in jumping the gun to call a strike that seems more politically motivated than having anything to do with protecting the employment rights of the individual.