Mayoral Election Poll: Boris Edges Ahead Of Ken

Dean Nicholas
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Mayoral Election Poll: Boris Edges Ahead Of Ken

The latest polling data (PDF) from YouGov will make grim reading for Ken Livingstone.

YouGov's poll, held on 7-9 June, asked respondents whom, if an election was held tomorrow, they would vote for, and Boris Johnson beat Livingstone by 7 percentage points, 48 to 41. The currently candidate-less Lib Dems polled 2%.

Of most concern to the Labour man will be the fact that, back in February, he was three percent ahead of his Conservative rival, having come back from a nine-point deficit in October 2010. Despite the Livingstone campaign's relentless attacks on Boris' record on transport, the momentum for now is with the incumbent. All those #getagripboris hashtags each time there's a strike or the Victoria line breaks down won't mean a thing if the ordinary voter isn't convinced Ken would be any better.

The FT blog has some further analysis of the data: Boris is seen as more charismatic (no surprise there) and more honest than Ken. Livingstone can perhaps take some solace in the fact that he is perceived as a "natural leader".

The election is still ten months away, but for the time being Boris can perhaps remain quietly confident of securing a second term. David Cameron will be most pleased.

Last Updated 21 June 2011


Perhaps it's just that as the campaigns gently ramp up, people will remember just HOW irritating Red Ken's voice is, let alone his policies and the whiff of 70s British Leyland brown velour I get whenever I think of him.