Maps: An Uncle's Guide To London

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Maps: An Uncle's Guide To London

Are you an uncle or aunt, blessed or cursed with someone else's little-person to entertain? Having trouble finding places in London that are neither too childish nor too adult? Well here's a map for you.

An Uncle's Guide To London* is the latest map from Herb Lester Associates, whose previous cartographic gems include a guide to freelancer's London and the treasures of the East End.

It features 29 places that will appeal to both young and old. Entries include the obvious (Science Museum, South Bank), and the not-so-obvious (Fryer's Delight close to Coram's Fields, and Thames Barrier Park). In the creator's own words, 'there's bowling, boating, aeroplanes, swimming, dinosaurs, trench warfare and chickens'.

The map itself is a rather abstract affair. Useless for navigation, but perfect for dazzling youngsters. On the flip side you'll find further details about all the featured locations.

An Uncle's Guide to London can be ordered from Herb Lester for the price of a bag of cola cubes.

*'...not solely for the enjoyment of uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, [it] is also recommended for godparents, legal guardians and even parents.

Last Updated 06 June 2011