Join The Work-a-thon For The Self-Employed

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Join The Work-a-thon For The Self-Employed
Lonely freelancers, unite!

The work-a-thon for the self-employed wants you to clock on at Toynbee Hall on Monday in a bid to set a record for the most self-employed people working in the same space - on their own projects - in a 9-5 day.

However much you enjoy working in your pyjamas, talking to the cat and showering at odd times of the day, working from home can get lonely. Even freelancing (properly dressed) in other people's offices can be isolating. Organiser Ellie Harrison hopes lots of self-employeds will show up to take advantage of a rare 'water cooler moment', go out for a lunch break with like minded folks and knock off at 5pm for a chat down the pub.

The only flaw in the set up is that it starts at 9am and involves a journey more complex than roll out of bed, open laptop. Still, worth it just this once for the actual human contact, right?

To register and take part, visit

The Work-a-thon For The Self-Employed is a part of Two Degrees, an Artsadmin festival.

Last Updated 09 June 2011