In Pictures: Quilla Constance Protest Performance Outside Punk Soho

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In Pictures: Quilla Constance Protest Performance Outside Punk Soho

What do you do when you're on the nevermind end of a double booking? If you're Electro-punk artist Quilla Constance, you take to the streets for a free protest performance outside the venue. Originally scheduled as the launch of her new single at Punk Soho, Quilla's gig was bumped due to another booking.

According to an article in the West End Extra, Quilla had “signed the contract and was told to work as hard as I could in order to promote the event and sell tickets” only to later receive a call “telling me the gig had been cancelled”. Punk Soho declined to comment for the article. The club had offered her an alternative date, but having already “spent a lot of time and money on promoting her event” she decided to stick with the 29 June time slot and simply do her thing outside the club.

Her megaphone enriched performance outside the club last night drew a bit of crowd and wowed many passers by but did little to rattle inured cabbies and local joggers. Sound was not the best, but lyrics about Quilla's vibrator and about being “a sex queen on her throne” could be made out. Huddled at the entrance of Punk Soho, employees seemed amused by the street performance and aside from the singer's home made day-glow garment not much of a ruckus was made. Still, to stage such a show highlighting the often compromised positions artists find themselves in was commendably audacious.

Last Updated 30 June 2011