Goodbye To The King's Cross Gasholder

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Goodbye To The King's Cross Gasholder

A distinctive King's Cross landmark is disappearing fast. Gasholder number 8 has stood in the land north of King's Cross station since the 1850s. It's now being dismantled to make way for retail space, part of the massive regeneration of the area.

The distinctive metal frame was originally part of a group, as can be seen on this map from 1862 (below left). Its playfellows were dismantled a few years ago as part of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link works and placed in storage.

Four of the gasholders will be re-erected on a plot further north, across the canal from Camley Street nature reserve. Three, known as the Siamese Triplets, will house drum-shaped apartment blocks, like caged IMAX.

The resurrected gasholder number 8, meanwhile, will contain a small park and event space.

So it's au revoir rather than goodbye to this King's Cross landmark. Sure, rusting industrial hulks aren't everyone's idea of beauty, but its striking silhouette will be missed on the skyline by many.

More on the development of the King's Cross railway lands can be found here.

Last Updated 28 June 2011