Beautiful Drawing Of St Pancras For Sale

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Beautiful Drawing Of St Pancras For Sale

St Pancras, drawn with a combination of biro pens and genius. It's the work of artist David Downes, who's made a name for himself depicting the buildings of London. The work is up for auction, to raise money for the National Autistic Association.

David is, himself, autistic and builds up his drawings from memory. The St Pancras work is based entirely on ground-level observation, extrapolated to an elevated view in the imagination of the artist. His work will inevitably be compared with that of Stephen Wiltshire, who has his own gallery in the West End.

The artwork will be auctioned as part of the Anderson Foundation's Summer Ball at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. If you have several grand to spend on incredible art, you can make bids online.

You can buy more of David's London work on the web site of Go Figurative, a new arts agency that 'aims to demystify the arts world'. And plenty more examples are available on the artist's own site.

Last Updated 20 June 2011