Week In Geek: 20-26 June

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Week In Geek: 20-26 June

Weekly listing of events for people with curious minds.

Monday 20 June
FILM: Head along to the Picturehouse Greenwich for a screening of Moon, coupled with a discussion about lunar habitation with astronomers from the Observatory. £9.50, 6.30pm

SKEPTICS: How to Point and Laugh at Irrational Nonsense is the compelling title of tonight's Westminster Skeptics in the Pub. Crispian Jago "hurls ad hominem attacks at passing woo mongers and takes random pot shot at supernatural, paranormal and pseudoscientific bullshit." A fun time is guaranteed for all. Unless you're a woo monger. £2, 7pm

INTERNET: Online campaigner Eli Pariser discusses how the Internet is getting too tailored to our personal tastes, lowering the number of new ideas and opinions we're exposed to. FREE, 6.30pm

Tuesday 21 June
SCI-FI: A cavalcade of famous sci-fi authors speak at the British Library tonight. Join Brian Aldiss, John Clute, Michael Moorcock and Norman Spinrad as they talk about their careers and genre. £7.50/£5, 6.30pm

TIME: How do scientists measure tiny intervals of time? Can we freeze time? This inaugural lecture at Imperial College by Prof John Tisch looks at new developments in laser technology that allow us to observe the preposterously small and short. FREE, 5.30pm

MAKING: Weekly meetup of the London Hackspace crew, and anyone who makes things or codes things or just likes pizza and beer. FREE, 7pm

Wednesday 22 June
ROMANTIC SCIENCE: The incomparable Richard Holmes is at the British Library to discuss Mary Shelley and developments in science during the Romantic period. £6/£4, 6.30pm

SOUND: An artwork made from the sounds of Suffolk heathland and DJs making music from the weather. All sounds very odd. To find out more, head to the Book Club in Shoreditch. £5, 7pm

Thursday 23 June
MILITARY: The Apache helicopter is one of the most complex vehicles ever built. Pilot Ed Macy is at the National Army Museum to discuss the challenges of flying one. £10/£7.50, 7pm

SPACE: Those who can struggle up the hill can visit the Royal Observatory's planetarium for a special 'Summer Science' lecture devoted to the giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn and their friends). £10/£7.50, 7pm

AGE: A couple of Imperial scientists and an author congregate at the Dana Centre to discuss age-related diseases...including a look at the 'lighter side of Alzheimer's'. FREE, 7pm

Saturday 25 June
KNITTING: Think you can knit a planet or crochet a Bose-Einstein condensate? Head along to the Science Museum today or tomorrow for Stitch London's Stitched Science event. They've already had some fantastic submissions, including a crocheted space shuttle and a knitted motor neuron (see image). FREE

Sunday 26 June
POO: Visit the gorgeous Crossness Pumping Station, a Victorian sewerage installation, on this open day. £5, 10.30am-4pm

SPACE: The Royal Albert Hall welcomes Piers Bizony, who will talk about Yuri Gagarin, Sergei Korolev and the Russian space programme. £10, 6.30pm

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