An Augmented Reality Movie App For London

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An Augmented Reality Movie App For London

How cool would this be? An iPhone app that lets you watch movie footage over the top of the actual filming location.

Whether it's just an unrealised idea, already in development, or a creative spoof by someone with a hidden agenda, we're just not sure. There's no information on the putative app's website. The biggest hurdle would probably be commercial rather than technological − getting the various permissions to make money from film clips could be a big stumbling block.

If real, though, this would be the coolest app ever. Until you get your phone stolen.

Found via Adverblog.

Last Updated 21 June 2011


Feel sorry for Bridget Jones fans trying to use this in Borough Market :D

Mark Walley

The only trail from the video or website seems to be that the user account that put the video up is a fan of an advertising agency's (&&& Creative) channel on youtube.  Maybe they're responsible, but it doesn't answer the question of whether this is legit or a clever ruse to get us to buy London Movie related products.