Street Art: Isaac Cordal's Tiny Street-Sculptures

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Street Art: Isaac Cordal's Tiny Street-Sculptures

Sharp-eyed Londoners may have encountered some of these minuscule sculptures around the city last year. They're the work of Spanish artist Isaac Cordal, whose new show opens at Pure Evil Gallery on Thursday (26 May).


Cordal's sculptures have appeared all over the world, although unlike most street art, are noticed by very few passers-by. The concrete creations are often placed in vulnerable positions. As the press release says, 'you almost want to protect them in some way, or perhaps communicate with them'. The show coincides with the launch of Cement Eclipses, a book of Cordal's work.

The street sculptures will remind many readers of the even daintier constructions of Slinkachu, although both have been practising their miniature craft for about the same time. The Guardian recently published an excellent interview with the pair.

Isaac Cordal's work is on show at Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard Street 26-28 May.

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Stanley Artlover

Thanks for the post! Isaac Cordal sculptures are amazing ... I found beautiful pictures of his Miniaturization Street Art in Art Days, here is the link!