Olympic Tickets Update: Watching & Waiting

By Lindsey Last edited 94 months ago
Olympic Tickets Update: Watching & Waiting

Has anyone out there had money taken from their bank account for Olympic tickets yet?

Seems everyone's waiting to see if they'll be plunged into the red in the unlikely event all ticket requests come through. And we're still waiting to see if our cunning breeze through social media chat about tickets was a reliable indicator of the most and least popular events. A sport-by-sport breakdown of figures on ticket requests should be released by LOCOG in June.

All in all, around 20 million tickets were applied for by 1.8 million people. BBC News report today that there have been over 1 million requests for the men's 100m final alone. LOCOG say:

Track Cycling, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Triathlon, Modern Pentathlon, Equestrian (cross-country) and both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are the first sell-out events from the initial public application process. This means these events will go to ballot – ensuring the fairest possible ticket distribution – along with the majority of the sessions in Swimming and Tennis.

No wonder the whole process is taking longer than expected.

If you have been successful with any tickets, payment will be taken by 10 June. You'll find out exactly what tickets you've got by 24 June.

Test Event tickets should start to go on sale this month.

Paralympic tickets go on sale in September.

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Last Updated 20 May 2011