Royal Wedding Protest Refused As Security Steps Up

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Royal Wedding Protest Refused As Security Steps Up

An application to stage a protest outside Westminster Abbey by Muslims Against Crusades has been unsurprisingly turned down by Scotland Yard. As the BBC reports, 'The group's website calls on Muslims to disrupt the wedding, describing senior members of the Royal Family as "enemies to Allah and his messenger".'

Fundamentalism aside, a secondary reason is surely because there'll be scarce room to wave a boom as the world's OB units park up to get the best shots of the bride and groom's arrival at the Abbey.

The radical group are looking at alternative protest pitches. The English Defence League has promised a counter-protest, should they go ahead.

As for fears over ambush protests by 'anarchists', the Met are working to identify potential plots and troublemakers to foil them with pre-emptive arrests.

Bomb checks are already being carried out along the procession route and Max the Bomb Dog is in training in a local church, prepping him for sniffing the pews in the Abbey next week. This short video from the BBC neatly outlines how the police are preparing for 29 April.

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Last Updated 20 April 2011