Muswell Hill To Hampstead For Bee Swarm

By Lindsey Last edited 95 months ago
Muswell Hill To Hampstead For Bee Swarm

Rogue apians terrorised N10 last Friday as hundreds of them swarmed to a wall of a house in Donovan Avenue, forming a 'perfect ellipse'.

We all know that bees are benign bumblers and respect their essential role in pollination as well as their ability to make a portion of the population yelp and flap their hands around. Urban beekeeping is being encouraged and innovative hives like the Roots and Shoots Trellick Tower demonstrate our esteem for the bee.

Dense swarms freak us out, though, as we saw last summer when a Soho lamp post became a bee-movie location one afternoon in July. Spring swarms are perfectly normal, however, the result of a queen bee leaving a hive with a large group of worker bees to form a new colony.

The Muswell Hill bees were swept into a cardboard box and transported to a new hive in Hampstead.

Image by Where The Art Is via the Londonist Flickrpool

Last Updated 14 April 2011