Burlesque Interview: Agent Lynch

Franco Milazzo
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Burlesque Interview: Agent Lynch

Slowly but surely, London is taking princess-to-be Kate Middleton to heart but some more than others: burlesque performer and producer and ardent royalist Kate Lynch has created her own tribute to her namesake with a routine which will be on show on Royal Wedding Day.

Starting off as a law student in Bristol and, later, an advertising account exec, Ms Lynch now performs across London and Europe as Agent Lynch.  While putting up the festive bunting, she was kind enough to tell us what she thought about the London cabaret scene, the Royals and what the soon-to-be Princess should be wearing on her wedding night.

How did you become a burlesque dancer/show producer?
I was spotted 5 years ago by photographer Tony Rusecki to model for him as an Emma Peel look-a-like. I’d never modelled before so I was flattered. 6 months later I was disrobing for my first ever show a tribute to Serge Gainsbourg and I haven’t looked back.

What was the inspiration behind the Kate Middleton routine?
A few people have commented that I look a bit like her. I thought ‘I love her but - cringe, she’s such a Sloane!’ My friend Nick Griffiths asked me to perform at the Land of Kings festival on the day of the Royal Wedding and I joked ‘I’ll do a Kate Middleton show!’. The next week he emailed me and said ‘Will you actually do it?’ So my Kate Middleton show was born! Its fun to be so outrageous,  it only works as Kate is the most well behaved future Royal ever. I hope she lets her hair down when she’s got a ring on it, I’d like to see her wear some more daring things. The show doesn’t have a witty name yet, so suggestions on a postcard please. Confusingly my real name is also Kate…

What will you be doing on Royal Wedding Day?
I’ll be getting up early and probably making my way to a street party with friends. I’m actually a real Royalist. I’m ashamed to say that I was driven to buy The Mail this week because of the Royal Weddings DVD. I watched it and even cried at the end. Then I’ll be performing at my Prince inspired show ‘Purple Rain’ at the Brickhouse before dashing to perform as Kate Middleton at Land of Kings and then at a private party later on.

When we asked international burlesque promoter Mark Henderson about dinner cabaret shows, he said: “The majority are only concerned about making money off of the food, the staff and patrons themselves have little regard for the performances that often come second to their meals. I am finding this form of event disrespectful to the arts.".  What do you think?
I would disagree: venues like Volupte, Brickhouse and Proud are all dinner clubs which put on cabaret shows every night- what other venues in London can claim that? I think they are good as they bring people to cabaret who wouldn’t come to a full-on club night, for example hen parties and birthdays. Also, as a performer, doing long runs in supper clubs really enables you to hone your craft and try new things that you can’t do at one-off club nights and some of the shows like La Reve at Café de Paris attract great performers and crowds. The scene is bigger and more diverse than ever and I think that’s super.

Who should we be looking out for on the cabaret scene?
London is totally spoilt for choice. I’m a little bit in love with Sarah-Louise Young who hosted my show last week. She’s a brilliant character actress who is a fantastic host, singer and solo artist. I once saw her cry real tears on stage - REAL TEARS! - during her Edith Piaf parody show. Amazing!

And, finally, what do you think Kate should wear on her wedding night to get William in the mood?
Most definitely Union Jack knickers and a customised bondage harness. Long live Princess Kate!

Pictures and a (probably NSFW) short video of Agent Lynch's routine can be seen on her site as well as details for her latest Prince spectacular at the Brickhouse.


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Last Updated 07 February 2016