Public To Name Olympic Suburbs

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Public To Name Olympic Suburbs

The Olympic Park will be redeveloped after the games to include five new residential areas. Today, the challenge was laid down to the public to come up with suitable names.

The new neighbourhoods will contain 8,000 new homes, along with schools, healthcare and all the rest. Royal Mail previously announced that the zones would carry the E20 postcode, currently used only by the fictional Walford from Eastenders. The BBC have a good audio slideshow of the areas here.

You have eight weeks to dream up five suitable names. The winner(s) will go down in history alongside such notable Saxon farmers as Wemba, Kenna and Fulla in influencing the name of a London suburb.

So what's it to be? We're tempted to recall memories of the Crystal Maze and suggest 'Aztec Zone', 'Industrial Zone', etc. Or you could follow the Eastenders theme and suggest 'Mitchellville', 'Fowler's End' and, um, 'Dirty Den'.

Despite lots of reportage, there's no sign of an entry form yet, but it's likely to appear on the pages of the Olympic Park Legacy Company shortly. Thinking caps on.

Last Updated 23 March 2011