Help Save Highbury Roundhouse

By Lindsey Last edited 92 months ago
Help Save Highbury Roundhouse

Despite its thriving community programme, Highbury Roundhouse is slated for demolition by Islington Council as the building is crumbling and in desperate need of repair. OK, it's not actually round but this much loved Victorian building on Ronalds Road, N5 has been serving the Highbury community for 40 years.

Trustees have until March 31 to produce a costed repair proposal to Islington Council, putting the case that:

The investment return in reprovisioning HRH on the current site far outweighs that of moving elsewhere. Any move to another site would ultimately be more expensive and would cause enormous disruption to the community at a time when we need the centre most.

Meanwhile, you can show your support for this valued community resource by signing the petition to demonstrate public concern about the fate of the Roundhouse. While you're there, read some of the heartfelt comments from other signatories, for whom the Roundhouse is an integral part of Highbury's heritage and local people's lives.

Find out more at Save Highbury Roundhouse.


Last Updated 25 March 2011