Everything Important About London, In One Image

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Everything Important About London, In One Image

Well, not quite. There's no Londonist logo for starters. But this intricate design from Nick Patchitt of Nick Prints does contain a mighty caboodle of London icons. Everything from the boat race to Del Boy's van, and The Clash (twice). See how many you can pick out and, more importantly, what's missing?

Screen prints of the design can be ordered from Nick.

Last Updated 10 March 2011

Amy Walters

the thames itself surely! fantastic image though!


The Thames Barrier seems to be missing.


fab image. But think there should be a Fairtrade Mark logo squeezed in, since London is the world's largest Fairtrade city

Sarah O'Neill

Also available to order via: http://www.welovebritish.co.uk...


Fulham FC


Nice idea although the lack of river thames is odd and the inclusion of the loathsome Tony 'warmonger' Blair is both baffling and nauseating.


Great idea. Crystal Palace transmitter and Alexandra Palace for v. 2?

Kieren Messenger

How very cool.

I personally cant' find the thames, OXO tower, Millennium bridge, Marble Arch or any of the royal parks.

I think Buckingham Palace is there, or is that Somerset House? (top left, ish)


Love this, every time I look I see something I missed the first time

Would like to add:

The Crystal Palace FC Eagle (or the Crystal Palace itself!)

The Shard


No Trellick :-(

Tonyf 58

I am lucky enough to have one of these prints. Endless praise from friends looking at it.


if the moved the london eye, they cvould have made it look more like the death star

Dave H

I can't help think that, from the list of not-really-day-to-day-London cliches included, and the *real* London landmarks omitted, that Nick might have never actually been to London.

I also agree that the inclusion of Blair (and Thatcher and so on) is rather annoying.


Maybe I'm missing it - but I can't see any gay or lesbian couples on here? London't one of the great gay capitals of the world, and there are a lot of 'men and women in love' icons on here - I counted three at a glance. Anyone else see anything I'm missing?


Fabulous! London is such an awesome city..I’ve been several times. Must-see destination!


Acid Jazz's missing!


The maker of this inforgraphic should be EXTERMINATED! (missing Dr. Who)


I'm sure I'm just missing it but does anybody else see any reference to Monty Python?


He should add a TARDiS, Monty Python foot and the Stig's helmet.


And The Who...????


The Union Flag is wrong!?


Its missing the TARDIS. That's the only Doctor Who reference that might work within the framework of this piece.


Battersea power station, River Thames, Shard, Immigrants?


What's missing? LED ZEPPELIN! At least I can't see it anywhere... Nor river Thames. And I think it's kinda important.