2012 Olympic VIP Ticket Allocations Should Be Transparent

By Lindsey Last edited 95 months ago
2012 Olympic VIP Ticket Allocations Should Be Transparent

As people polish their Visa cards ready to submit bids for 2012 event tickets on Tuesday, a report to the London Assembly has called for London 2012 to be transparent about the allocations headed for government officials and the Mayor.

The report from the economic development, sport and tourism (EDCST) committee notes that the Mayor could receive 2000 tickets and government are bidding for 9000. The committee urges London 2012 to publish a register of bids for tickets received from sponsors, government, the mayor and local authorities and a declaration of who gets what, and why, as "every seat taken up by a government official or politician is one less seat for the public". Quite.

Correction: This post has been updated. No Olympic tickets are free. London 2012 will charge government and the Mayor's office full value for those allocated. Which means this register is important for tax payers to see who's going to the Games at their expense.

Read the report for yourself.

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Tickets for the 2012 Olympic Games go on sale on Tuesday 15 March.

Last Updated 10 March 2011