Olympic Tickets On Sale From 15 March

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Olympic Tickets On Sale From 15 March

More details about Olympic ticketing were released over the weekend - during the National Lottery programme, appropriately. Here are the dates in handy, pseudo-tabular form:

February: Final details about ticketing and event schedule announced.

15 March: 6.6 million tickets go on sale. Sort of. You don't buy the ticket at this stage, but apply for the event you most want to see...or the one you strategically think you have most chance of getting a ticket for. Allocations for over-subscribed events will be made by ballot rather than first-come-first-served.

26 April: Ticket wishlisting process ends and successful applicants are informed at some undisclosed point thereafter.

May: Prices for Paralympic tickets announced.

9 September: 2 million Paralympic tickets go on sale using a similar system. Tickets for the 2012 Festival events are also available around this time.

To apply for tickets online, you should sign up to the 2012 ticketing database and be compliant with the organisers' sentiment: 'proud to accept only Visa'. Those not resident in the UK can find more details on getting hold of tickets here. Tickets start from £20, or even less if you're a kid and get in on the 'pay-your-age' scheme. Further details on ticketing here.

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Last Updated 17 January 2011