William And Kate Punk Mural On Southbank

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William And Kate Punk Mural On Southbank

Royals, Union Flag, punk paraphernalia: it could only get more British if you painted on a pot of tea and someone grumbling about the weather.

The stencil can be found on the Southbank and is by 'Prince's Trust Ambassador' Rich Simmons. The work shows the Prince and his bride-to-be as late punk icons Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.


He's not the first artist to treat the lovebirds as Punk icons. Flickr member Flamenco Sun mashed-up this prescient commemorative plate a couple of weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the royal bandwagon marches on, with tens of new stories daily about the future princess. Only today we learn that Kate tops a fashion list, has dropped two dress sizes, eats foie gras, spurns pop stars, finds an alley ally in Camilla, and is a 15th cousin of US presenter and actress Ellen DeGeneres.

Last Updated 11 February 2011