Shoreditch's Maiden Celebrate Charles 'n Di's Wedding

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 154 months ago
Shoreditch's Maiden Celebrate Charles 'n Di's Wedding

Call it the natural proclivity of Shoreditch hipsters to thumb their nose at stately occasions by taking the piss. After near neighbours KK Outlet released a series of alternative Wills 'n Kate collector plates, Maiden are marking 29 April 2011 by harking back 30 years and celebrating the nuptials of Charles and Diana.

The 1981 wedding at St. Paul's was a huge state occasion, with a reputed one billion worldwide watching an uncomfortable-looking Diana Spencer lead her 25ft train up the cathedral steps, and the event solicited reams of spurious merchandise. Neatly illustrating how much more creative the token gift industry was three decades ago, some of the delightful items Maiden are selling for the occasion include a paper doll book, Where's Wally-parody "Where's Charles & Di?", teatowels, biscuit tins, and a collection of crockery featuring the gurning mug of our future King and his late ex-wife.

As the full pomp and circumstance of the British monarchy, and its diligent factotums in the press, crank up the obsequious coverage of the Royal wedding, places like Maiden and KK Outlet are mining the tangible sense of mirth towards the occasion. Expect more tie-in events, both respectful and parodic, as 29 April approaches.

Last Updated 25 February 2011