Review: City Boy Breakfast at the Fox & Anchor

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Review: City Boy Breakfast at the Fox & Anchor

Meat, meat, some other morning food stuffs, more meat and a pint – or more specifically “sweet cured bacon, pork and leek sausage, eggs (any style), grilled tomato, white and black pudding, hash browns, minute steak, lamb's kidneys, baked beans, fried bread, chicken liver, mushrooms and a pint of Murphy's stout: that's the Fox & Anchor's newly introduced 'City Boy Breakfast'.

At £16.95 the City Boy isn't cheap but it is pretty good value. You'd have to have an exceptionally hearty appetite to clean your plate, and even two especially big city boys would probably be more than sated if sharing an order between them. Londonist could only manage to devour about 75% of our sample during a recent invited visit and (given it was only 9am on a 'school day') less than a third of our pint. Probably not to many readers' tastes, we nonetheless loved the kidneys, liver and black pudding. But it all was tasty, especially the bacon and minute steak.

This homage to the good old Smithfield Market days of early a.m. pub openings and filling brekkies for all-night workers is much appreciated, marketing ploys and super calorific aplomb aside.

With some of the best chips in London, our reckoning that it's among the top boutique hotels in London and now the mega-brekkie (not to mention pints in metal tankards), there's plenty of draw at this spruced up gastropub with swank accommodation.

The Fox & Anchor is located at 115 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6AA on the south-eastern side of Smithfield Market. Visit for more information.

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Last Updated 07 February 2011