Olympic Park Now Visible On Google Maps

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 95 months ago
Olympic Park Now Visible On Google Maps

The various construction projects that make up the Olympic Park are now visible on satellite view in Google Maps.

Though the images aren't completely up-to-date — to judge by the state of the main stadium and the Velodrome, they're a few months old — they illustrate from an aerial perspective the scale of the park and how it fits into the wider area. Unsurprisingly, the team behind Street View haven't yet been able to poke their car-mounted cameras around the park.

Unfortunately, Google's automated tagging system (or a rogue engineer with a sense of humour) has resulted in a few gremlins. For example, scroll over to the £242 million Aquatic Centre, and you'll see it listed as 'Poundland'. The nearby Olympic Stadium, which is marked 'Climate Centre', appears to have Marshgate Lane boring through its western flank. Still, it's not quite as odd as the time Google geo-located Tessa Jowell in the Houses of Parliament.

Hat tip: alxanderterrell

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Last Updated 24 February 2011