Honor Oak Park To Become Cemetery?

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Honor Oak Park To Become Cemetery?

Southwark residents are fighting a battle against the dead. The local council are toying with plans to turn Honor Oak Recreation Ground into a cemetery.

The council admit that burial space in the borough is running out. According to a spokesperson:

"We will continue to create burial space where we can, through the use of any remaining virgin ground (not much) and are looking at the re-use of common graves, but this won't solve the long-term problem."

The recreation ground originally acquired as a burial ground, but hasn't been used since 1901. Over 900 local residents have signed an online petition to keep the open space for recreation.

Maybe it's time for compromise. Use it as a cemetery, but insist the graves are 7.32 metres apart, for use as goal posts.

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Last Updated 22 February 2011