Preview: Social Media Week London

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Last Updated 20 January 2011

Preview: Social Media Week London

London has always been at the forefront of communications - from the earliest newspapers, through telegraphy to pioneering TV and radio broadcasts. Fitting, then, that the capital is also emerging as a world centre for social media startups, as punctuated by the Prime Minister's recent pledge to invest in the sector.

Part of that spirit is captured in the upcoming Social Media Week London (7-11 February), which will see over 70 (mostly free) events across the city, organised by Chinwag.

The events explore how social media has an impact on every aspect of our daily lives: what TV we watch, who we go down the pub with, how we find business contacts, how we digest news, how we make news...but is particularly geared up for people who use social media professionally. i.e. just about everyone these days.

Event themes include social media in the public sector, for charities, and museums & galleries, how to make money from social media and, of course, how it's being used for marketing, advertising and PR. Some require booking, so take a look at the schedule now.

As well as talks and discussions, the Week will also include plenty of breakfasts, mingling and networking events - hey, it's got the word 'social' in its title.

The London week forms part of an international festival, spread across 9 cities worldwide. Naturally, it has its own Twitter hashtag (#smwldn), Twitter feed, Facebook page, and a good old-fashioned web site. See/tweet/text/ping/4square you there.