London Transport Costs Rise For Cars, Buses, Trains

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London Transport Costs Rise For Cars, Buses, Trains

Many people heading back to work today will find that the cost of making that joyous trip has gone up.

Anything that runs on rails is likely to cost you more. Annie Mole has a summary of the new Tube and bus fares (and TfL have them all) while Darryl at 853 takes a scathing look at one of the main London train operators. The cost of bandwagons remains static, meanwhile, which is why Labour are jumping on the one marked 'fare disgruntlement' in a series of leafleting opportunities outside Tube stations. If eine kleine fare rise has left your teeth gnashing, TfL have approved a troupe of Mozart-playing buskers to cheer up commuters today at four Tube stations.

Drivers are also facing price hikes. As the Mayor giveth with one hand by abolishing the western congestion zone, he taketh away with the other by rising the central charge to £10 per day, or £9 if you sign up to a new automated payment service. Motoring malefactors who delay payment by a day can expect to cough up £12.

Last Updated 04 January 2011