Leave No Bear Behind Part 20: Abandoned Dog Near Houndsditch

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Leave No Bear Behind Part 20: Abandoned Dog Near Houndsditch

It's been a few months since we last received reports of abandoned toy animals on London's streets. We were beginning to think that our campaign had made a difference, that the capital's population of rejected, vagrant toys was in retreat. But then we received this shot from reader Greg Wesson:

I don't know if you are still doing the series, but I came across this poor little doggie, looking all tuckered out as he rested in the shadow of the London Wall at Noble Street and Oat Lane yesterday.  I left him a bowl of water and some biscuits, but things didn't look good for the little guy.

In a strange historical echo, this forlorn pup was abandoned just a few hundred yards from Houndsditch - the area of town once noted as a dumping ground for dead dogs.

Remember, a soft toy is not just for Christmas. If you've seen other examples of homeless toys on the streets of London, send a photo to tips - at - londonist.com. Together we can crack this problem. (See archive here.)


Last Updated 09 January 2011


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