Hoxton Square Left Powerless

By Lindsey Last edited 98 months ago
Hoxton Square Left Powerless

A fault with an underground cable in Hoxton Square led to Londonist and other inhabitants of Silicon Roundabout being sent home yesterday, leaving the area without power and therefore - oh, the horror - without wifi, until late last night.

Around 500 homes and businesses were affected. Local bars and restaurants resorted to candlelight to continue trading. The Electricity Showrooms was reported to be a bit miffed.

Fortunately, yesterday's mild, wet weather meant less discomfort for locals than the previous powercut, which struck in the middle of December snow.

UPDATE: Is the power really back on or is this gargantuan generator outside the aptly named Electricity Showrooms in Hoxton Street keeping everyone going?

Thanks to Jared for the tip off and photo.

Image by Amanda Farah.

Last Updated 07 January 2011