Wanted: People Who Live In Soho

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Wanted: People Who Live In Soho

The Photographers' Gallery may be physically shut but its activities continue with the next instalment of Soho Projects due in Spring 2011.

The artists responsible are Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead who are currently 'in residence', in a virtual sense at least. Their work explores ideas of identity, social ritual and the everyday public and private realms in which they are played out and often combines photography, performances, workshops and interventions.

Do you live in Soho? French & Mottershead want to to hear about it from your point of view. Contribute to this project by agreeing to be interviewed in the comfort of your own home. As a sweetener, if you provide the tea, they'll bring the biscuits.

Go on, make yourself part of some art. To arrange a time for Rebecca & Andrew to visit you please email: info@frenchmottershead.com. The project will be created in Spring 2011.

Soho image by Stuart-Lee via the Londonist Flickrpool

Last Updated 15 December 2010