RMT Ballots Members For Possible Southeastern Strike

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 97 months ago
RMT Ballots Members For Possible Southeastern Strike

As if passengers on Southeastern haven't suffered enough with snow-borked trains, the RMT have announced they're balloting staff on strike action over job cuts. The TOC plans to cut team leader posts at Charing Cross and Victoria or redeploy them from despatching trains to cover other duties.

Anyone who travels on Southeastern could tell you that more staff cuts are the last thing the service needs - but these changes were implemented at Cannon Street and London Bridge on Sunday without any hoo-hah from the union. We've not been through those stations since the weekend; anyone notice a difference?

Gateline, train despatch and helpline staff are being balloted on strike action and 'action short of a strike' until 4th January. We think highlighting staffing cuts is a good idea (our Southeastern hero, @Train_Driver, revealed there are fewer guards and cover drivers from this week) but for the sake of all weary commuters in Kent and South East London - please, no strike?

Photo by Viola Jen from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 08 December 2010