Cutty Sark Made From LEGO

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Last Updated 15 December 2010

Cutty Sark Made From LEGO

The genuine article might still be undergoing restoration following the 2007 fire, but here's one Cutty Sark that's all ship-shape and Bristol fashion. This 1:50 scale reproduction of the famous clipper was created by Henrik Hoexbroe from LEGO, although such is the detail that you wouldn't suspect its brickish composition at a casual glance. In fact, the rigging, sails and flags are the only non-LEGO parts.

The model took Henrik about two months to build, and was made specifically for the 4th annual Hispabrick get-together, this year in Barcelona. It contains approximately 10,000 bricks.

You can see more of Henrik's handiwork over on his Brickshelf site and Flickr pages.

Have you crafted something Londony? Maybe out of LEGO, or clay, or even belly-button fluff? Send us a photo and we might just put it up on the site.

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