New Londonist Site Now Live

By M@ Last edited 147 months ago
New Londonist Site Now Live

As you can probably see, we've changed site over night. Welcome to Londonist 2.0. We're now running the site on Wordpress rather than Movable Type 4. This means we'll have greater control over the look and layout of Londonist.

Having shifted around 20,000 articles, plus their images, tags and comments, we're unsurprisingly finding a few bugs in these first hours. Please bear with us while we sort them out.

About the new look: our main mission for this weekend is to get the site working fully in Wordpress. The design you see is temporary, and we'll be tweaking and improving as the days go on. If there are any features you'd like to see, do let us know.

Last Updated 20 November 2010