London Poetry: The Central Line By Ian Wilson

Rachel Holdsworth
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London Poetry: The Central Line By Ian Wilson

Central Line illustration by Sam Kerr

Poems about our capitalIan Wilson is a 21-year-old London observer, spending much of his spare time writing poetic social commentaries on human behaviour and the modern world that we live in. 'The Central Line' is the first poem he ever submitted for publication and thus, is the first poem he's ever had published.This poem was published in Popshot Issue 4 - The Modern Living Issue. Popshot is a poetry and illustration magazine that showcases the poetry of today and tomorrow with the moral support of illustration wrapped tightly around it. Selected poems are collated and individually sent out to illustrators who then illustrate the poems according to their interpretation of the piece. These illustrations are then bound together with the poems into a small portal of literary and illustrative goodness.The Central LineIt's all fluster and flurryin the fat necked slurry of the central linewhere stretching guts squeeze into squealing suitsand the stitched seams work harder than the men they containas they thunder grotesquely towards the urgently beeping doorsBecause this is capitalism at its best,the rushed unrest, as the suits suckle at the breastof the giant walletall bite and blood as the blistered nipple dripsand the wallet's pounds fall but the penny never dropsLife at the top.Show no weakness, show no slow,earn your Rolex breaking backs in the inner city glowso what a show, as the beeping doors begin to close,the carriage packed, the suits get trapped,like cattle in their droves.Popshot Issue 4 - The Modern Living Issue is available to buy for £5.50 + p&p.

Last Updated 19 November 2010