Bomber Command Memorial Threatens Trees

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Bomber Command Memorial Threatens Trees

An open-air pavilion dedicated to the memory of Bomber Command has been criticised by an environmental group. The memorial, set for Green Park, would necessitate the felling of nine trees, say Trees for Cities, who want the structure shifted somewhere else.

No one wants to see trees chopped down, but the objection seems a little distorted. The trees, described by both the charity and the BBC as 'ancient', are actually little more than 100 years old and were probably planted after the births of many in Bomber Command. In addition, Westminster Council will plant 25 semi-mature trees in compensation.

Assuming the challenge does not cause delays, work on the Portland stone structure will begin in January. It will commemorate the recorded 55,573 who lost their lives on missions to take out German military infrastructure in the Second World War. The entrance comes from the melted down aluminium sections of a Halifax bomber shot down during the war and will house a sculpture of the seven aircrew killed in the plane.

Last Updated 25 November 2010