Week Around The Ists

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Week Around The Ists

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Roundup of stories from the other cities in Londonist's network.

  • Chicagoist braced itself for the biggest storm front to pass through in 70 years. Despite a lot of wind, however, media reports dubbing it the 'Great Lakes Cyclone' were overblown, which gave its readers more time to discuss a perceived war on foodies.
  • SFist celebrated the Giants World Series performance during Games One and Two, but shook its finger at these ladies duking it out at a nearby McDonald's after the game.
  • Phillyist mourned the end of the Phils' playoff run, but celebrated the team's season. (Shut up, SFist.)
  • Austinist revealed that Descendents were reuniting for a special headlining appearance at next weekend's Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, taking the spot previously occupied by Devo (who canceled due to a thumb injury).
  • DCist dabbled in drag at the High Heel Race and spent the rest of the week talking movies — namely, a renovated theater and the debate over the quintessential film set in the District.
  • Seattlest says forget Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber — vote for local nutcracker curator Arlene Leavenworth as the first guest on Conan O'Brien's new show. Oh, and all you concertgoers out there should get some earplugs, already.
  • Gothamist found it typical that a police cruiser would park in a bike lane so the officer could ticket bicyclists for veering out of the lane to avoid the cruiser.
  • Londonist launched a new iPhone app this week. It shows cafes, bars and other venues in London that offer free wifi access.
  • Bostonist loved Rondo (headband or not), watched a controversial arrest from multiple angles, recommended somevdevil cheese; and threatened to keg-stand draft Fernet Branca.
  • LAist announced that the Metro Board of Directors finally voted to approve the extension of the Westside Subway to just past the 405 Freeway.
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