Thames Water Pays Compensation For Unread Emails

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 101 months ago
Thames Water Pays Compensation For Unread Emails

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A salutary tale, this, about not letting your inbox get too full: Thames Water has paid out £60,000 in compensation to customers after admitting that it had found some 4,000 unread emails, going back seven years.

Anybody who has tried to contact the company via the 'customerfeedback' address, instead of the correct '', would have seen their electronic missive vanish into the digital equivalent of a landfill site.

The payments, which came to light via a report from unfortunately-named industry watchdog Ofwat, were mandated by statutory requirements that customers should receive a response within ten days of their query; as some correspondents have waited 2,500 days for their mail to be read in the firstplace, do they deserve a little more than the £40 and £20 payments doled out, or should they just be grateful that their cries into the dark have finally been heard?

Note: story edited 3 Nov 2010 to include correct email address.

Last Updated 28 October 2010