Cycle Superhighway? Not On Our Street

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 99 months ago
Cycle Superhighway? Not On Our Street

CS3. Photo / gary8345
For all the success and popularity of the Boris bikes — over one million journeys and counting — the Cycle Superhighways are the blue-headed stepchildren of the Mayor's cycling zeal: unloved, underused, and now, unwanted. Residents in Limehouse are threatening legal action to remove one that passes through their street.

On its way from Barking to Tower Hill, Cycle Superhighway 3 wends along Narrow Street, a slender strip of road adjacent to the Thames that was the sight of an accident last year from which Boris and his team were lucky to escape. Local residents, represented by the Limehouse Community Forum and Narrow Street Association, say that the street is far too, well, narrow, and since the blue paint was daubed on earlier this year, they claim to have seen seen an increase in aggressive, reckless cycling. They're due to meet with TfL early in November to discuss the possibility of re-routing the lane via the A13, but some members are willing to take the matter further should transport bosses not agree.

Not that we wish to question the motives of the good people in this wealthy part of Limehouse, but calling a street that sees regular car traffic "too narrow for cyclists" seems like an oxymoron. And scrubbing the blue vinyl seems more an exercise in house-price massaging than actually reducing the number of cyclists who use it: the route was chosen precisely because it was already a popular one with bikers, and it'll continue to be afterwards, Cycle Superhighway or no.

Last Updated 28 October 2010